The story of KML Cleaning Services being established in 2018 when Kristy and Matthew Large had a dream of owning their own business and aimed to be considered as one of the most reputable business in the Northern Territory. Establishing a successful and viable cleaning business, which would create employment opportunities and provide the highest standard of customer services and quality work.

With long-term knowledge and experience working in her mothers family business, Kristy Large has demonstrated a passion for the cleaning industry for the past 20 years. Developing her managing skill, knowledge and experience by taking on extra responsibilities within the business with day-to-day operations, attention to detail, guarantee of doing the job right the first time and being responsive and proactive. Seeing her take on the new role as Operations Manager with KML Cleaning Services excites motivate her to going the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

As Director, Matthew Large has proven experience working in the cleaning industry and in Government. His past experiences and knowledge includes recruitment, development and retention of staff, juggle priorities, risk management and ensuring expected deadlines are met. He has extensive experience in analysing, strategic thinking and drawing conclusions that are evidence-based with proven ability to problem solve in diverse situations.

As of commencement of business, KML Cleaning Services worked in cleaning childcare centres and are now preparing to move into other markets such as real estate, federal and State Government and the private sector.


KML Cleaning Services is a proud participant in Australian cleaning industry. We believe that the effective management of health, safety and well-being for those working for and with us is a measure of our success.

This safety philosophy underpins our business and we expect all workers (employees and contractors) that work with us to uphold this philosophy.

We value our employees and contractors and in return, we expect that they will co-operate with our efforts as part of this cleaning business, upholding the following ideals:

  • To return home safely uninjured at the end of each day’s work.
  • A commitment to excellence at all levels in all our cleaning operations.
  • Confront every situation with an optimistic and positive approach,maintain a sense of purpose at all times so that plans and strategies can be turned into realities.
  • Meet problems and opportunities with inventiveness and initiative, and react and adapt quickly to new situations. No problem is insurmountable and no challenge should be too great.
  • Don’t sit back and wait for things to happen – make things happen.
  • Loyalty is a core value. Maintain an honest approach at all times.
  • Always remain flexible – constructive advice and comments from anyone are welcomed where honestly and constructively given.
  • Aim for good communication between all staff members. Effective communication is essential for the maintenance of safety, efficiency and goodwill between employees.


A cleaning business that is productive and profitable, where health and safety risk is managed.


To be leaders in Australian cleaning, where our business operation profits our partners and does not adversely affect the health and safety of:

  • Our Employees
  • Our Contractors
  • Visitors
  • Those with whom we do Business
  • Our Community
  • The Environment